BrightSign XT1144 Media Player

BrightSign® XT1144

Standard I/O Player

BrightSign XT delivers unsurpassed performance for enterprise applications with a powerful 4K video engine, our fastest HTML and graphics engine and our most powerful CPU. This state-of-the-art technology for leading-edge digital signage installations supports H.264 & H.265 decoding, Dolby Vision and HDR10 media pro les, Full HD and 4K playback including Mosaic Mode. It o ers a hardware-accelerated HTML5 rendering engine that enables  awless playback of multiple modular HTML5 assets including Javascript, CSS animations, WebGL and even swipe/gesture interactivity. All XT models are Gigabit Ethernet, and XT is the only product line o ering dual 4K video decoding, 4K full resolution graphics, PoE+ as well as HDMI In for Live TV playback.

BrightSign® XT1144 Features

BrightSign XT1144 Features

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