Datalogic Heron™ HD3100

Hand Held Scanners

  • The Heron™ HD3100 linear imager brings unmatched elegance along with the
         latest advanced technology to the modern point-of-sale. The stylish silhouette of
         the new imager enriched with multiple color changing lights, innovative and modern
         design material.

  • The Heron HD3100 imager differs from the usual color scheme of handheld
         devices by providing a stunning 'black' or 'white' color option.
  • It provides outstanding 1D reading performance and includes the patented 'Green
         Spot' technology for good-read feedback that can be used as an 'aiming tool'.

  • Datalogic Heron™ HD3100 Specification

    Heron™ HD3100 Features
  • Innovative and unique design raises the bar for cutting-edge POS checkout experience

  • In-mold decorated top cover - Choice of Carbon-Fiber or Silver designs

  • Multiple changing color LEDs on sides and top

  • Polyphonic speaker for a wide variety of choices for audio feedback

  • Easily customized with logo, top cover, and visual/audio feedback

  • Datalogic patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for aiming and good-read feedback

  • Automatic switching between handheld and hands-free operation

  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment,
         ensuring maximum productivity and ROI

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