KanexPro HDMI® 1x8 Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/6 Outputs


  • The KanexPro SP-HDCAT1X8 is a one transmitter and eight extenders - receiver
         set that enables high resolution 1080p HDMI signals to be routed over distances.

  • When connected using installer friendly CAT5e/6 cables, the transmitter inputs the
         HDMI signal into eight identical outputs carrying 394 ft./1080p resolution.

  • This HDMI amplifier offers an ideal, cost effective means for extending digital
         video, multichannel audio, and control signals using IR from HDMI equipped

  • KanexPro HDMI® 1x8 Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/6 Outputs

  • Distribute & Extend HDMI over single CAT5e/6 to eight HD displays

  • Includes 8-independent receivers

  • Supports transmission distance up to 394 ft. (120m)

  • Supports full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080@60Hz)

  • Control via IR (kits included)

  • Supports 5.1, 7.1 digital audio and uncompressed LPCM

  • Live status indicator thru LED's

  • HDCP 1.4 & EDID support for multiple displays

  • Simple set up with zero configuration

  • Wall-mountable design

  • Applications:
    Perfect for house of worship centers, retail stores and residential /smart home theater applications where one HDMI device can be distributed to eight displays over a single network cable up to 394 ft. without losing signal integrity.

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