OneLan CMS

Content Management System

  • The ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) software leverages more than
         a decade of development and industry experience to deliver users a business tool
         that makes creating, publishing and managing content simple and dependable.

  • The CMS features a simple multilingual web user interface to create full screen and
         multizone content channels and produce easy to use Ad Hoc portals for local on
         site content update and control.

  • The CMS is a comprehensive platform to achieve your organisation's goals be that
         brand engagement, increased revenue, compliance, increased efficiencies,
         awareness, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, to name but a few.

  • OneLan CMS Specification

    Product Specifications
    Processor Storage
    Intel® Xeon® CPU E3
  • System Ram – 16GB
  • System Media Storage – 500 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Network Interface Physical
    Ethernet:1000/100/10BaseT Dimensions: 280 x 268 x 77mm
    Power Consumption: Typically 60 W from internal PSU
    Cooling: Fan
    Media Media Sources
  • All media supported by your player (see the player specification sheet)
  • Hard Disc: All media types
    Eternet: MPEG-TS, UDP, IP streaming (optional)
    Internet: HTML (web pages), RSS feeds (with multilingual support), XML files

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