Radic8 Hextio Air Steriliser

Radic8 Hextio Air Steriliser

The most effective air steriliser for your home.

The Hextio is the best compact and portable air steriliser for home on the market, thanks to its powerful fan and advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology.

Hextio has been proven and tested to:
• Deactivates viruses and bacteria with unequalled efficiency
• Eliminate high levels of pollution from indoor air
• Effectively remove noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander and other allergens

The Hextio is perfect for small rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, small offices, on-the-go, public transport, private vehicles, elderly homes, childcare spaces, and play areas.

Radic8 Hextio Air Steriliser

Process for complete air sterilisation

"Viruskiller achieves one of the highest virus kill rates in the industry"

As air passes through the Hextio, it goes through a 2-stage process to achieve the best results, purification and sterilisation.

The pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter take care of larger particles like dust, pollen,smoke and some VOC’s, this is where most “air purifiers” end.

Mechanical filters are limited to what they can trap and what gets through the filters in Radic8 systems is then dealt with in the reactor chamber, this includes viruses.

The patented sterilisation chamber uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation and is designed in such a way that maximises ultraviolet radiation and oxidation to give unparalleled results. Uniquely, the Radic8 technology is designed to trap dirty air, kill sick air and neutralise toxic air.
Radic8 VK 401 Air Steriliser
Radic8 VK 401 Air Steriliser

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