RJS Inspector D4000

Bar Code Verifier

  • The Inspector D400o is the industry's most flexible and cost-effective ISO/ ANSI
         bar code verifier.

  • This unit comes with your choice of a patented Auto-Optic scan head with four
         aperture sizes and two light wavelengths. (Eight different optical configurations) or
         an optional traditional laser scanner, for point-and-shoot simplicity.

  • Printed reports can also be generated, using the optional direct thermal printing

  • RJS Inspector D4000 Specification

    RJS Inspector D4000 Features
  • Dual Mode Portability: ISO/ ANSI Mode Operation, or Traditional Operation (optional laser scanner

  • Multiple Apertures and Light Wavelengths for Eight (8) Different Optical Configurations

  • Conforms to ISO15426-1 Bar Code Verifier Specification

  • Traceable to the National Institude of Standards and Technology

  • Auto-discriminates between all popular symbologies

  • Bi- directional scanning and multiple scanning averaging
  • Option for traditional analysis and reporting

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