Zebra DS8178SR Series

Handheld Scanner

  • The DS8178SR rises above the conventional imagers to deliver unprecedented
         scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes, innovative productivity enhancing

  • It combines the power of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel
         sensor and it instantly captures the most problematic barcodes.

  • The DS8178SR Handheld Scanner supports Digimarc digital watermark
         technology, which enables a barcode to be printed repeadly over all surfaces of a
         product like wallpaper.

  • Zebra DS8178SR Specification

    Zebra DS8178SR Series Features
  • Unparalled Perfomance on virtually every barcode in any condition

  • Superior Scan Range

  • Scan virtually any barcode on any medium

  • Superior ergonomics

  • Power to Scan Continuously for 24 hours

  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging

  • Support for the Barcode of the future - Digimarc

  • Capture Multiple Barcode with One Press of the Scan Trigger

  • Exclusive Battery Change

  • Eliminate bluetooth interference with Zebra's proprietary Wi-Fi friendly mode

  • Instantly Capture Full Page Documents

  • Capture Drivers License Data

  • Direct Decode indicator improves productivity

  • Vision Visibility into Scanning and battery performance metrics

  • Control your scanners from a smartphone, Tablet or PC

  • Easily Manage All of your scanners with powerful complimentary tools.

  • Easy Application Development

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